Accelerated Leadership

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Tuition is provided only on a self-paid basis and conditioned on the number of students (at least 5 people)
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Wenzao Ursuline, Estice
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280 600 ₽
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280 600 ₽
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О программе

Accelerated Leadership is a partner programme of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (Russia), the ESTICE International Business School at the Catholic University of Lille (France), and the Institute of International Business at Wencao University (Taiwan). The course is aimed at preparing a new generation of emerging entrepreneurs and managers. Management, design thinking, and marketing are essential to becoming a motivating leader. However, our course also offers a deep insight into international finance and law, as well as cross-cultural competence. 

To accentuate these skills, our students study two semesters at partner universities in France and Taiwan. Interning at local companies and creating original projects alongside foreign students from two different partner universities gives our graduates a significant advantage when entering the job market. The programme is taught in English. Language skills of B2 and higher are required.

Уникальность образовательной программы

Throughout their education, graduates will gain a profound and extensive understanding of Europe- and Asia-based businesses. In their second semester, students are expected to study in France before relocating to Taiwan for their third semester. This practice ensures that our graduates retain an immense insight into company management, business model building, market analysis, and other related subjects. Doing so with a recognition of regional specifics in mind further sets our students apart from graduates of similar programmes elsewhere. 

The course includes internships in French and Taiwanese companies. Students from partner universities can carry out original collaborative projects and bring them to market. Graduates receive three national diplomas straightaway.

Программа обучения

— фундаментальные дисциплины
— прикладные дисциплины
Course 1
Global Trends and Innovation Economics
Economics of Innovation
New Products and Decision Design
Project management
Course 2
Quantitive methods in economics (advanced level)
Cross-cultural management
Finance: projects efficiency appraisal
Human resources and innovation

Ведущие преподаватели и эксперты

Kovbasiuk Olga Vladimirovna
Kovbasiuk Olga Vladimirovna
Associate Professor
Dolgaia Angelina Alekseevna
Dolgaia Angelina Alekseevna
Associate Professor
Belianskii Evgenii Iurevich
Guest Lecturer
Ponomarev Oleg Borisovich
Ponomarev Oleg Borisovich
General Director of Spar-Kaliningrad LLC

Карьера после обучения

Our students take part in competitions and workshops in three different countries. They have a better understanding of the fine points of global companies per the variety of experience received. They can plan their professional growth and development following the advancement of an ever-changing job market. Networking with future professionals and experts during their education firmly establishes their place in an international community of leaders. The programme's Kaliningrad-based partner is the Entrepreneurship Support Fund. Graduates will be in high demand in Russian, foreign, and international companies. They will be able to work in various managerial positions and as business analysts. However, the taught competencies will also allow our alumni to build their own businesses and successfully bring their ideas to a worldwide market.