Olga Kim

Vice-rector for International Education and Youth Policy, Associate Professor


Nizny Novgorod Dobrolubov State Linguistics university, 1997

Additional Education

Skolkovo school of management course on higher education development in universities, 2022

Skolkovo school of management, university management, 2020

Skolkovo school of management, education ecosystems management, 2019

Various other courses on teaching English and Chinese, psychology and pedagogy

Professional and Scientific Interests

Communication-focused approach in teaching foreign languages, comparative linguistics

Academic Degrees and Titles

Associate professor, 2021 

Ph.D. in Pedagogy, «Formation of competence of intercultural business argument of entrepreneurs in the process of learning, business English»

Additional Affiliations

  • An expert in pre-school and continuing teaching of the Russian governmental program in education
  • «Global universities» association partner
  • Kaliningrad Sports Committee member
  • Visiting professor at The Education University of Hong Kong

Scientific Career

Over 70 scientific papers on teaching foreign language, comparative linguistics and international communication


Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University 
Since 2022
Vice-rector for International Education and Youth Policy
2021 Vice-rector for International Affairs and Strategic Communications 
Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University 
Advisor to rector on International education and partnership
2017– 2019
Associate professor at the department of international business communication 
Assistant Professor at the Foreign Languages Department 
Assistant at the Foreign Languages Department 
Nizhny Novogorod State Pedagogical University Language center 
Proficiency in Foreign Languages

English and German

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