Журнал "The Journal of Democratic Theory
"The Journal of Democratic Theory (www.journalofdemocratictheory.com) is currently seeking articles and book reviews for peer-reviewed publication. Authors who are writing in the fields of democracy, democratization, styles of democracy, democratic governance, and democratic systems are invited to submit their works. Furthermore, the journal publishes a limited amount of general political theory papers and we invite submissions for that category as well.
The first issue will be published in January, 2011. The journal ascribes to the open-data movement and as such has two unique features. The first is that all works which pass the peer-review process are published and are then made available for any reader free of cost. This is designed to help spread the author's work and spread knowledge to readers who do not have the means to access cost-restricted materials. Due to this, the journal requires a 200 euro payment from authors or their supporting institutions if their work passes the peer-review process. The second feature is that authors will be asked to provide, in 800 words or less, an explanation of their work in a general and accessible language. This is designed to allow students and non-specialists to understand the contribution(s) the work makes and will also provide assistance to readers who are engaging the full specialist work. This will only be asked if the author's work passes the peer-review process.
We would appreciate if authors forward this call for papers to their colleagues. Works of a longer nature (from 10-15,000 words) will become candidates for book chapters in the journal's first edited collection to be released at the end of 2011. Finally, we are also accepting applications from academics to become reviewers for the journal. We would like to thank any interest this call has generated and would like to state that we are committed to trying to achieve a '6 weeks or under' peer-review process. "
Jean-Paul Gagnon
PhD QUT | BA Trent
Editor, Journal of Democratic Theory