Second – six year students

1. Which institute are you studying at:

2. What is your educational programme:

3. What is your educational programme name:

4. What is your year of studies:

5. Where are you from?


1. How often do you visit the IKBFU website?

2. What internet resources do you use most often to get information about the university and its initiatives? (Choose up to 3 options).

3. Do the changes happening at the University coincide with your ideas about how the University should develop?

4. Please indicate to which extend you agree with the following statements (1 – “Totally disagree”, 5 – “Strongly agree”, 99 – not sure)

Expectations (before admission) Reality

1. IKBFU applies modern educational technologies to the educational process that help to develop professional knowledge and skills of the highest quality

2. IKBFU carries out groundbreaking research

3. IKBFU students have the opportunity to attend international conferences, participate in international projects and exchange study programmes

4. IKBFU has modern buildings and comfortable classrooms

5. IKBFU has major significance for the cultural and educational sphere of the society and the city

6. IKBFU has created all conditions for students’ personal fulfillment

7. IKBFU is completely safe space integrated into the urban environment


From your point of view, what elements of the educational process should be improved? Check ANY number of answers.

6. Please evaluate the quality of the educational process at your Institute. (1 - unsatisfactory, 5 - Excellent)

7. How well do you think the information support of the educational process is organized in your Institute? (1 - unsatisfactory, 5 - Excellent)

8. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the educational process, please indicate what you think should be done to improve the organization of the educational process? (Please specify)..


9. What system do you use most in your studies? Choose up to 3 options.

What advantages of online learning can you point out? Check ANY number of answers..

11. What are the disadvantages of online learning that you have faced? Check ANY number of answers.

If you were given a choice of your study mode in the future, which one would you choose? Choose only one answer.


13. What types of extracurricular activities (student clubs and organizations) do you prefer? Check ANY number of answers..

14. Have you experienced any difficulties in participating in extracurricular activities at the University? If yes, please speci-fy (open question):

15. Does the Institute efficiently disseminate information about scientific initiatives (are you aware of the opportunities to participate in grants, opportunities to publish articles in scientific journals, etc.)? (1 is “completely dissatisfied” (there are almost no offers to participate in scientific initiatives) and 5 is “completely satisfied” (you are regularly invited))..

16. Please rate your satisfaction with the following aspects of infrastructure at your institute (1 is “completely dissatisfied”, and 5 is “completely satisfied”, 99 is “not sure”)

1. Conditions of classrooms
2. Orientation and navigation at campus
3. Conditions of restrooms
4. Catering facilities
5. Library facilities
6. Cleanliness of classrooms, halls and restrooms
7. Housing conditions for nonresident /international students

17. Do you live in the University dormitory?


20. Do you combine your university studies with a paid job? Check ANY number of answers.

Do you wish to continue your education at IKBFU after completing your current educational programme?.

22. Do you plan to work on your specialty/degree after graduating from IKBFU?

23. Would you like to take additional educational courses outside of your degree programme/major study plan? Check ANY number of answers..

24. What are your plans for the next 3-4 years (Choose only one answer):

25. Will you recommend IKBFU to your friends and acquaintances? On a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 is “will not recom-mend), 5 is “will recommend”.