First-year students

1. Which institute are you studying at:

2. What is your educational programme:

3. What is your educational programme name:

4. Where are you from?

1. How did you learn about IKBFU? (Check ANY number of answers).

2. Why did you choose Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University? (Check ANY number of answers).

3. Are you satisfied with the amount and accessibility of the information on the admission campaign at IKBFU published on the University website?

4. Did you face any problems during the admissions campaign and in your interaction with university departments during the admissions procedure?

5. How often do you visit the IKBFU website?

6. What internet resources do you use most often to get information about the university and its activities? Choose up to 3 op-tions.

7. What system do you use in your studies? (Choose up to 3 options).

8. What advantages of online learning can you point out? (Check ANY number of answers).

9. What are the disadvantages of online learning that you have faced? (Check ANY number of answers.).

10. If you were given a choice of your study mode in the future, which one would you choose?

11. Do you think your group needs a supervisor to help with curricular and extracurricular activities? The purpose of a supervisor is to resolve disputes with professors and administrative staff, monitor students' rights implemen-tation, promote students' self-actualization, help students with their academic progress, and involve your group in educa-tional and recreational activities

12. What types of extracurricular activities (student clubs and organizations) do you prefer? (Check ANY number of answers).

13. Have you experienced any difficulties in participating in extracurricular activities at the University? If yes, please speci-fy (open question):.

14. Do you live in the University dormitory?