Prof. Dr Andrei Litvin together with a group of researchers from the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University took part in the preparation of the International Clinical Recommendations for the Management of Skin and Soft-tissues Infections.

In December 2018, the World Society Emergency Surgery (WSES) and the Surgical Infection Society Europe (SIS-E), the two authoritative international communities, attended a consensus conference. The results of the meeting were published in the World Journal of Emergency Surgery (Impact Factor — 3,19).

The 5th World Society of Emergency Surgery Congress took place in Bertinoro (Italy) on June 27-30, 2018. Participants of the Congress decided to  work jointly with the world leading experts in Surgical Site Infection (SSI).


The WSES has a team of the authoritative doctors of various medical profiles, such as surgeons, resuscitators traumatologists and others. The Surgical Infection Society Europe (SIS-E) is a part of the Surgical Infection Society (SIS). These organizations unite experts in SSI in order to develop common approaches in the diagnosis and treatment of a number of serious diseases, taking into account modern changes and the peculiarities of different countries and regions.

Prof. Dr Andrei Litvin participated in such international projects as GlobalSurg 3 (as the national leader), IMAGINE (as the regional leader), PIPAS, PROMISE, WIRES and others. He is also going to present a report on the results of the international research in SSI at the 6th WSES Congress — 2019 in Nijmegen (Netherlands).

The sponsorship was provided by the 5-top-100 Russian Academic Excellence Project.