Periprosthetic joint infection is a serious complication that needs a surgical intervention. 37% of such complications are caused by orthopedic and trauma surgery. The infection dramatically reduces the quality of treatment and sometimes shortens the lives of patients.

There are no reliable therapeutic methods for treatment of microbial biofilms as their pathogens are resistant to antibiotics, which is a big problem of modern medicine. The usage of metal ions (copper, zinc, silver), which have antimicrobial properties, is one of the most perspective ways of the treatment of periprosthetic joint infection.

Prof. Dr Larisa Litvinova, head of the Laboratory of Immunology and Cellular Biotechnology of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, together with her colleagues from Tomsk Polytechnic University have developed biocomposite materials in order to use them in production of new implants.

The results of the research are published in the authoritative scientific journal Surface and Coatings Technology.