Russian Dictation

Russian Dictation 2024 Results

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all participants of the Russian Dictation 2024 contest!

This year, a record number of 2,600 individuals from 84 different countries took part in the Dictation. We are grateful to each contestant for their dedication to the Russian language and commitment to improving their skills.

Special thanks are extended to Russian language educators in foreign countries for facilitating the participation of their students in the Dictation.

All contestants will soon receive a link to access their participation certificates via the Cloud. Winners, prize-winners, and awardees will be contacted directly by the organisers.

Name Country
Anhbayar Tsoggerel Mongolia Winner
Enik Milana Abkhazia  Winner
Kozubaeva Umutai Kyrgyzstan Winner
Hurelbaatar Buyanhishig
Mongolia Winner
Asema Abdullayeva
Kyrgyzstan Prize-winner
Alla Atoyan Armenia  Prize-winner
Emil Bayramov Azerbaijan Prize-winner
Batkhuyag Togs-Erdem Mongolia Prize-winner
Evgeniya Gaidarzhi Moldova Prize-winner
Gabriela Georgieva Bulgaria Prize-winner
Dulamdorj Erdenezhargal Mongolia Prize-winner
Polina Mamedova Uzbekistan Prize-winner
Armine Martirosyan
Armenia Prize-winner
Elvira Murzaeva Kyrgyzstan Prize-winner
Seda Mkhitaryan Armenia  Prize-winner
Naranbaatar Maral Mongolia Prize-winner
Ksenia Pavlyuk Kazakhstan Prize-winner
Sangin Zebo Tajikistan Prize-winner
Arian Khadzhiev Bulgaria Prize-winner
Ksenia Chavdar
Moldova Prize-winner
Laura Azhiba Abkhazia  Awardee
Sofia Azhiba Abkhazia Awardee
Anelia Alexandrova Bulgaria Awardee
Veronika Gashchuk Kazakhstan Awardee
Gergana Yordanova  Bulgaria Awardee
Artem Goncharov Uzbekistan  Awardee
Elitsa Gorova Bulgaria Awardee
Dilshod Dadaboev Tajikistan Awardee
Viktoria Dimitrova Bulgaria  Awardee
Alisa Zalinian Armenia  Awardee
Alina Kasimova Kazakhstan Awardee
Marina Kopushchu Moldova Awardee
Darina Mustafina Kazakhstan Awardee
Ulziidooren Ulmek Mongolia Awardee
Anna Polozova  Kazakhstan Awardee
Nina Pradeniakova Slovakia Awardee
Sarvinoz Rakhimova Uzbekistan  Awardee
Renzanhand Eghshiglan Mongolia Awardee
Yana Sargsyan Armenia Awardee
Sukhbat Khulan Mongolia Awardee
Arina Trandafil Moldova Awardee
Khadicha Khusenova
Uzbekistan Awardee
Anastasia Cherviakovskaya  Belarus / Poland
Milana Shaykhullina 
Uzbekistan  Awardee

Name Country Place
Baimuratov Rashid Uzbekistan Winner
Doan Khanh Duy Vietnam Winner
Pan Chen China Winner
Santiago Rubén Bazalar Gonzales Peru Winner
Taubayeva Gulaina Kazakhstan Winner
Gayane Balabekyan Armenia Special Award “For exemplary level of literary culture”
Anargul Dzholdubaeva
Kyrgyzstan Special Award “For exemplary level of literary culture”
Irina Lukanovskaya Kazakhstan Special Award “For exemplary level of literary culture”
Alexandra Tsopkova Slovakia Prize-winner
Alena Koshakova Czechia Prize-winner
Alzhbeta Boganichova Slovakia Prize-winner
Bui Nhat Thinh Vietnam Prize-winner
Mabongo Magnificat Congo Prize-winner
Maria Salamatova Poland Prize-winner
Michalcik Juraj Slovakia Prize-winner
Akbermet Abdilaliyeva  Kyrgyzstan Awardee
Lala Aliyeva Azerbaijan  Awardee
Emma Vajdova Slovakia Awardee
Davila Colmenares Zaidis Josе Venezuela Awardee
Sabina Zhumatayeva Kazakhstan Awardee
Paulina Zdanovic Latvia Awardee
Venera Isabayeva  Kyrgyzstan Awardee
Stanislava Koshakova Czechia Awardee
Li Jiayuan China Awardee
Susanna Markaryan Georgia Awardee
Simon Matias Slovakia Awardee
Kausar Sabuova Kazakhstan Awardee
Jie Li Dan China Awardee
Tatiana Ten  Uzbekistan  Awardee
Philip Veme Slovakia Awardee
Simona Fugedi Slovakia Awardee
Melis Khadzhiev Turkmenistan Awardee
Simona Shporkova Slovakia Awardee
Yana Lisa Yamasaki Canada Awardee

Name Country Place
Los Vladislav Kazakhstan Winner
Aleksandar Marinov Bulgaria Winner
Neycheva Elena Bulgaria Winner
Bohbat Anu Mongolia Prize-winner
Alla Varchik Kazakhstan  Prize-winner
Zainidinova Nozanin Tajikistan Prize-winner
Nuriddin Kurbonov Tajikistan Prize-winner
Alyssa Makarova Kazakhstan Prize-winner
Yulia Matorina  Kazakhstan  Prize-winner
Mariam Pirnazarova  Tajikistan Prize-winner
Victoria Shvarts Kazakhstan Prize-winner
Yulia Hakobyan Armenia Prize-winner
Anton Vider Bulgaria Awardee
Angelina Belousova Kazakhstan Awardee
Renata Gimalova Uzbekistan Awardee
Sadaf Zakirova Tajikistan Awardee
Alexander Kostov Russia, Bulgaria Awardee
Maxim Kravtsevich Belarus Awardee
Zlata Pakina Uzbekistan  Awardee
Alexey Tsertii Bulgaria Awardee

Country Place
Katarzyna Danieluk Poland Winner
Meriem Iskenderova Туркменистан Winner
Stefanova Denitsa Bulgaria Winner
Yang Zheng China Winner
Ainagul Atambieva Kyrgyzstan Special Award “For exemplary level of literary culture”
Almira Beganova Uzbekistan Special Award “For exemplary level of literary culture”
Mubinabonu Azimova Kyrgyzstan Prize-winner
Arina Billaeva Azerbaijan  Prize-winner
Nara Ivanba Abkhazia Prize-winner
Dinara Kashapova Uzbekistan  Prize-winner
Kashyap Gautam India Prize-winner
Olga Kolioglo Moldova Prize-winner
Khafiza Mukhtarova Uzbekistan Prize-winner
Ani Gasparyan Armenia Awardee
Gladson Fvambo Zambia  Awardee
Angelina Goncharova Kyrgyzstan Awardee
Yulia Dzivinskaya  Uzbekistan  Awardee
Aysaule Yerkinali Kazakhstan Awardee
Iliyan Kalinov Bulgaria Awardee
Alina Komkova Kyrgyzstan Awardee
Lu Liyan China Awardee
Tatiana Matokhina Kyrgyzstan Awardee
Egor Myasoedov Uzbekistan Awardee
Preslav Pavlov Bulgaria Awardee
Dilbar Rasulova Uzbekistan  Awardee
Umsunai Tlesova Kazakhstan Awardee
Ksenia Todorova  Moldova Awardee
Otabek Usmonov Uzbekistan Awardee
Tatiana Khlynina Kazakhstan Awardee
Hoang Victoria Uy Bulgaria Awardee
Nikola Shukanov
North Macedonia Awardee
Taisia Dushkova
Moldova Awardee

Dictation Text 2024 A2-B1 Dictation Text 2024 B2-C1

Dictation Organizing Committee

Daria Gerber
Daria Gerber
Director of International Department
Tatyana Tsvigun
Tatyana Tsvigun
Advisor to the Rectorate for Russian Language and Development of Humanitarian Education

Person responsible for the Dictation Information and Technical Support

Ksenia Skriabina
Ksenia Skriabina
Acting Director of the Division for Internationalisation and International Partnership
Contact the Organising Committee:

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participants' feedback

Ziyan, India, 18 years old
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for organising such an exciting event as Online Russian Dictation 2024! Participation in this event was not only an interesting challenge for me but also an opportunity to immerse myself in Russian culture and language. I had a lot of fun writing the dictation! Thank you again for your hard work and organisation of this wonderful event. I am looking forward to taking part in Russian Dictation 2025!

Tatiana, Kyrgyzstan
Thank you very much for such an interesting initiative! Inspiring introductory lecture, great text, beautiful voice of the narrator! I am happy to support every initiative that strengthens the Russian language in the international space!

Yang Zheng, China, 45 years old
I would like to sincerely thank all the members of the organising committee for this wonderful event. The competition has given me the inspiration to achieve even greater success in studying the Russian language and Russian culture.

Elena, Bulgaria, 17 years old
Thank you for the opportunity and for the excellent organisation. It was an honour for me to participate in the Dictation. I really liked the idea behind it! This way people from all over the world get a chance to prove their knowledge of the Russian language and Russian culture on an international level. It was also a great way to get to know Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. From my observations, this year has been extremely successful for the competition. I wish you an even better results next year! See you next year!

Santiago, Peru, 46 years old
I would like to thank all the organisers for the opportunity to participate in this bright, large-scale global event! Participation in the competition is an important stage for all those who study Russian language and literature. It creates motivation to learn the language, which is one of the main conditions for success. This event awakens the desire to learn even more about the vast culture of Russia!

Maryam, Tajikistan, 15 years old
I would like to share my experiences of Russian Dictation 2024. It was very exciting to write it while competing with other participants from all over the world. I learnt a lot of interesting things about the history and culture of Kaliningrad. During the Great Patriotic War my great-grandfather, Avaz Yusupov, reached Königsberg (now Kaliningrad), where he got wounded. As a result, he celebrated the victory in Kaliningrad. That is why a part of my soul is attached to this city. I am very proud that I took part in dictation about such a marvellous city as Kaliningrad.

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