Summer schools

IKBFU invites both Russian and foreign students and graduates to take part in annual summer schools. Each year, participants can expect informative lectures, exciting trips, sporting events, entertaining workshops and ample networking opportunities. Through project work, students can enhance their skills and competences. Specific conditions for participating in each summer school are listed below

Past events

4th Immanuel Kant International Summer School “Kant on the Normativity of Laws: Logic, Natural Science, Ethics”

Kant’s critical philosophy argues that the central principles that govern our minds have a special status. They are neither analytical nor a posteriori but synthetic a priori. However, is it possible to distinguish between valid and invalid principles with such a status? According to Kant, on the one hand, some of these synthetic a priori principles are the normative basis for the validity of judgments about the world and of volitions, on the other. How does Kant justify his controversial claims about synthetic principles a priori, from the principles of reason to the categorical imperative and to civil rights within the state? The task of the Fourth Summer School is to examine and evaluate Kant’s position on the normativity of these laws and principles

The keynote of the lectures and seminars reveals the answers to the following questions:

  1. How does Kant prove (deduce) the bindingness, or validity, of these laws and principles?

  2. Is there the middle ground between realism and constructivism with respect to Kant's idea of the self-legitimacy of our reason?

The Summer School focuses on the analysis of major passages from Kant's works (and several other authors’), including the Critique of Pure Reason, the Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Science, the Critique of Practical Reason, and his treatise on “the perpetual peace”

The Summer School includes lectures, seminars, and tutorials. The school also includes a scientific conference where participants present their own research projects on a topic related to the school's theme

late June—August

event dates

Languages: English (main), Russian

Form of training: full-time (preliminary)

Course duration: 1 week + check-in and check-out day

Accommodation: boarding house in Svetlogorsk on the Baltic Sea shore (covered by sponsor)

Tuition: free

Coordinator: Nina Dmitrieva

After the School, learners will be able to:

  • master an ability to analyze the key ideas and the most complex concepts of Kantianism
  • improve primary sources work skills
  • expand the scientific horizon of young scientists by immersing in the European tradition of research and teaching
  • reach professional connections between young scientists

A participant's certificate is issued

Requirements: senior undergraduate students, graduate students, postgraduate students and PhD students who defended not earlier than 2018; upper-Intermediate level of English; selection on a competitive basis (based on the evaluation of a letter of motivation, 350-400 words in English, and an abstract, 1200-1400 words in English, including the list of references)

Documents required for application:

  • Filled profile
  • A letter of motivation (350 — 400 words in English)
  • Abstract of the report on the topic of the research project related to Kant's philosophy (1200 — 1400 words in English, including the list of references)
  • English qualification certificate

Bioengineering and Medicine Summer School

Bioengineering and Medicine Summer School is an opportunity to immerse yourself in an environment where the symbiosis of advanced molecular biology and modern medicine takes place. This is not only theoretical lectures from top scientists, it also provides a wide range of practical classes in the modern laboratory facilities of the university

Classes take place in modern classrooms, as well as in the university research laboratories with the latest equipment. The university buildings are located within a 20-minute walk from the city center that allows you to be at the center of the activity

Bioengineering and Medicine Summer School involves cultural attractions. You will be immersed in the history and culture of the region with the ocean studies, Königsberg legends, fragments of the past contained in amber, and an unforgettable vacation on the golden beaches of the Curonian Spit National Park, visits to coastal resort towns, trips, quests and, of course, new friends. The target audience of the project is students of the Republic of Belarus


event dates

Intensive summer school in the Russian language and culture

A 2-week course that helps participants quickly and effectively learn or improve their communication skills in Russian, expand their vocabulary, sharpen their grammar skills, and immerse themselves in Russian culture

Due to the unstable epidemiological situation, the Intensive Summer School in the Russian language and culture is held in a hybrid format in 2021:

  • Participants from countries which air travel is fully open with are invited for full-time training

  • Participants from countries which air travel is not fully open with are invited for online training

Online training

  • Two 80-minute Russian language classes per day with modern teaching resources
  • Communication practice with native Russian speakers
  • Interactive seminars on Russian history and culture

Tuition: ₽9856  / $127 USD

Full-time training

  • Three 80-minute Russian language classes per day with modern teaching resources
  • Interactive seminars on Russian history and culture
  • Communication practice with native Russian speakers
  • Trips in Kaliningrad and the Kaliningrad region

Tuition: ₽29,900 / $458 USD

After the School, learners will be able to:

  • master the communication skills in a variety of situations: from simple everyday situations (beginner group) to detailed statements on topics relevant to society (advanced level)
  • expand vocabulary and master grammatical constructions
  • get to know the features of Russian culture: folklore, Russian history, cinematography, and art
  • get acquainted with the history and major attractions of the Kaliningrad region
  • gain experience communicating with native Russian speakers

At the end of the Intensive Summer School in the Russian language and culture, participants will receive a certificate of the university confirming the completion of the course indicating the number of credits obtained (the volume of learning is: 3.5 ECTS in a full-time format and 2.5 ECTS in an online format) as well as the achieved level of the language competence according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

Documents required for application

  • CV
  • Copies of passport pages (with personal data)
  • Student ID / document confirming student status (if available)
  • Filled profile
Application for an exchange program at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University
Visa Invitation Form (only for full-time participants)

International Youth Journalism School “Studia Baltica”

International Youth Journalism School “Studia Baltica” takes place every year at the end of August. The event brings together young journalists and humanities students from post-Soviet countries and EU states to discuss relevant issues of modern journalism. As part of the school, there are lectures, workshops organized for students with reputable journalists, politicians, and scientists. Under the guidance of invited experts, participants prepare journalistic projects on one of the topics of the school

23 — 29 August 2021

event dates

Language: Russian

Form of training: full-time

Course duration: 7 days

Accommodation: hotel (covered by sponsor)

Tuition: free

Coordinator: Maxim Megem
+7 (4012) 59-55-95 #9098

After the School, learners will be able to: get skills for working a journalist

A participant's certificate is issued

Requirements: undergraduate students (3-5 years of studying), postgraduate students, young researchers in the humanities, journalists interested in cooperation between Russia, the EU and post-Soviet countries, under the age of 30, are eligible to participate in the school

Documents required for application

  • Filled Profile Form
  • Essay on one of the topics of the school

10th International Summer School “Professional skills of a lawyer and economist: the path to success”

This program offers a unique set of courses designed and focused on developing the professional and communication skills of future lawyers and economists

The classes are held by professors from leading universities of England, Greece, USA, Germany, Armenia and Russia, as well as by practitioners with extensive experience in legal practice in various fields of law enforcement. Professors from Georgetown, Cambridge, Berkeley and Stanford Universities, the Institute of Diplomacy in Athens, Lomonosov Moscow State University, and others teach at our school. Many courses are taught by highly qualified specialists of international law firms as “White & Case”, “DLA Piper”, Russian law firms “Stroikapital”, “Zapadnaia yuridicheskaia kompania”, experienced diplomats who have served in the Ministries of Justice, Foreign Affairs, Industry and Trade of Greece, and Armenia

The School provides simultaneous program in Russian and English

All classes at the Summer School are practice-centered, held in the form of interactive lectures and seminars, games, simulation of the other legal activities

19 — 28 August 2021

event dates

Languages: Russian/English

Form of training: full-time

Course duration: days

Tuition:  6000 ₽ (food expenses)

Coordinator: Ekaterina Osipova
+7 (911) 452-00-45

A certificate is issued upon successful completion of the school program

After the School, learners will be able to:

  • prepare bills

  • work with evidence

  • speak publicly (including in the court of law)

  • prepare the procedural documents

  • form the basis of compliance policy of a company

  • negotiate

  • apply the principles of ethics in the legal field

  • improve your business communication skills in English

Requirements: students of law and economics universities/faculties after the 2nd year of a bachelor's degree and older

Documents required for application:

  • CV
  • A letter of motivation
  • Recommendation of a professor/supervisor
  • Photo

International Summer School in International and European Law

The school includes 4-5 courses on various aspects of international and integration law. Leading professors from leading Russian (MGIMO, HSE, MSAL) and foreign universities (University of Marburg, University of Göttingen, European University Viadrina) are invited as lecturers

Languages:  Russian/English

Form of training: full-time

Course duration:  20 days

Dates: coming soon

Tuition: free

Coordinator: Oleg Zayachkovsky

Outcomes: advance study of International and European law, improving knowledge of a foreign language as the courses are read without translation in English and German. In addition, Russian students will have an excellent opportunity to learn about the teaching methods of foreign colleagues. Participants of the Summer School of course will make new friends and get acquainted with the Kaliningrad region

International Summer School “STEM Technologies: Future Education”

Held as part of the Integrated Approach to STEM Teacher Education project of the Erasmus+ program

28 June — 2 July 2021

event dates

Languages: Russian/English

Form of training: online

Course duration: 6 business days

Tuition: free

Coordinator: Olesia Parakhina
+7 (911) 851-77-10

Outcomes: formation of competencies in STEM-technologies application, as well as the introduction of interdisciplinarity and practice-oriented principles in education; the certificate is provided

Requirements: university applicants, Bachelors, Masters of pedagogical and natural science fields

International Baltic School 2021: New Opportunities for Megasciences Class Installation

The main goal of this School is to cover the basics of physics of X-ray and neutron radiation of new generation sources and free-electron lasers. The school is devoted to one of the key areas of Russian science today — X-ray optics. A federal program for the development of synchrotron and neutron research is adopted this year. Under this program, several Megasciences-class facilities (charged particle gas accelerators, reactors, synchrotron radiation sources) are being built. The cutting-edge objects are studied in collaboration with these facilities. These are studies of the activity of pharmaceuticals, materials science, etc.

November 2021

event dates

Languages: English/Russian

Form of training: full-time

Course duration:: 5 days

Tuition: free

Outcomes: the main goal of this school is to cover basics of the physics of X-ray and neutron radiation from new generation sources and free-electron lasers. The young scientists participating in the school will be shown the new capabilities of the Megasciences installations, their potential, and the prospects for future development

Documents required for application:

  • Application form on the website
  • Abstracts

Contact for application:

Russia and Neighbors: Сultural Puzzle

This Summer School is an exciting journey for Russian and international youth from neighboring countries that teaches how to collaborate and develop projective thinking. Throughout the course, participants will get training in generating creative ideas and their further implementation in real life within various areas: education, entrepreneurship, social sphere, environment, etc. Young people will raise awareness of their own culture

1 — 7 June 2020

event dates

Language: English

Form of training: full-time

Submission date: 1 May

Course duration: 6 days

Tuition: ₽ 15,000

Координатор: Ольга Ковбасюк

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