Preparatory course

The preparatory course focuses not only on academic subjects, but also on providing an extraordinary university experience. International students enjoy many sporting and cultural activities that will help them to feel more at home in their new environment and and gain a deeper understanding of the country and its culture

The Russian student-tutors provide guidance and support to international students, welcoming them at the airport, arranging dormitory accommodation, and assisting with academic and daily tasks during the initial weeks of the course

The course

helps international students achieve a level of language proficiency necessary to study at Russian universities

helps students gain valuable practical and theoretical knowledge in a chosen study profile

prepares students for taking their entrance examinations at Russian universities

provides an extraordinary university experience



October 1 — July 31

course duration

166 530 ₽

tuition fee

Study profiles

  • Humanities, Economics, Engineering and Technology, Medicine

Certificate of course completion

  • Graduates of the preparatory course may achieve B1 level of language proficiency in Russian and may take the TRKI/TORFL exam to get an official certificate confirming their language proficiency level
  • Upon successful completion of the final exams, course graduates receive standard certificate, which entitles them to continue their education on Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in higher education institutions of the Russian Federation

Tuition fee

  • For 2024–2025 — 196 000 ₽
  • A mandatory medical certificate of insurance (arranged by the student independently) — 6 500 ₽ a year

Cost of living

  • Public transport (bus) — 1 500 ₽ per month
  • Food — around 8 000 ₽ per month
  • Mobile — around 300–400 ₽ per month
  • Multiple entry visa fee — 1600 ₽

Application deadline: May 1 — June 30

Once you have gathered all documents, please, send the whole package in one email to

  • Admission Application
  • Travel passport (translated into Russian and duly certified — notarised or certified at a consular department of an embassy)
  • Education level certificate detailing your education (diploma, transcript), listing subjects studied and grades achieved (translated into Russian and duly certified — notarised or certified at a consular department of an embassy)
  • Standard medical form or medical certificate indicating general health, with note on the absence of the HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis infections
  • Motivation letter
  • Other documents (if available)

Admission Application

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