Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University has 13 comfortable dormitories available for international students. The dormitories are located near the University buildings. The IKBFU administration offers international students to live together with their compatriots

Housing for international students

International students from visa-free countries qualify for a place in the dormitory under the same conditions as Russian students. If a place in the dormitory is not provided, the student is responsible for their accommodation at a private address and migration registration

Students from visa countries, as well as students assigned to the university under the quota of the Russian Government, will be provided with places in the dormitory on a priority basis

The housing procedure for 1st year students is carried out in 5 steps

  1. Submit an application for admission to the dormitory through the digital platform after receiving University admission
  2. Obtain a medical clearance either at the Student dormitories complex office (14B, Alexander Nevsky St., office 101, 1st floor of the Dormitory No. 3) during mass housing or at the University Clinic (23, General Sommera St., Monday — Friday, 9:00 — 16:45)
  3. Сonfirm your position in the housing ranking list through the VK group
  4. Register the rental contract with the dormitory, pay the dormitory fee, and complete a briefing on tenancy rules (14B, Alexander Nevsky St., office 101, 1st floor of the Dormitory No. 3)
  5. Move in

Required documents

  • Passport along with a photocopy. In the case of minor students, a copy of the legal representative's passport is also required.
  • Medical clearance from the University Clinic. Documents required to obtain a medical clearance from the University Clinic:

  1. Vaccination certificate in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation dated 17.09.1993 N 220 (Form 156/-93, including copies of all pages)
  2. Fluorography certificate (valid for 1 year)

For further information regarding the process of obtaining medical clearance, please contact 59-55-93

  • Two photos sized 3×4 for the purpose of creating a registration card
  • For international students, a valid health insurance policy is mandatory

Please contact us via the official VKontakte group

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