New campus

The site of the new space will be a plot of land in Kaliningrad on Alexander Nevsky St, which is assigned to Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. Its area is 29 hectares. Today it already has two academic and administrative buildings, sports facilities and university dormitories. The construction of new buildings will make it possible to concentrate most university facilities in one location.



2900 students, 19 000 m2

  • Simulations center
  • Lecture and seminar halls
  • Laboratories 

Institute of High Technology

2000 students, 13 000 m2

  • Artificial Intelligence Research Institute
  • Higher School of Engineering and Technical Services
  • Mechatronics Center
  • Industrial partners

Higher School of Philosophy, History and Social Sciences

2000 students, 12 000 m2

  • Transformable project-based learning spaces
  • Modern library
  • Rare books museum

Conference space for 1,500 seats and a square for public events

Dormitories for 2,500 people (35,000 m2) with co-working spaces, a fitness area, a food court, and leisure spaces

In addition, there will be a commercial street with cafes, shops, banks. The project also provides for the construction of a welcome zone, including a public reception, an MFC for students and teachers, and a tour desk.

Conceptual landscape design of IKBFU's new campus

29 ha 

total square

109 500 m2

of educational, laboratory and residential spaces

2,5 thousand

places in dormitories

Neocampus concept. Benefits for the university, city, region, and the country

university.png A new enviroment
The university space as a driver of urban development for 100 years to come.

Growth-enabling infrastructure
We plan that the number of students will reach 15 thousand and the number of scientists will reach 300 in 10 years.

Philosophy-based infrastructure
«Convention of generations».

Environmental friendliness
Green city with clean energy.

An example of the university's life. The campus will be open to everyone, with safety measures based on digital technology and bio metrics.

The consolidation of numerous institutions into four educational-scientific-entrepreneurial super-clusters. Ergonomics and a 55% reduction in transaction costs.

The university as a key factor, determining migration to the region. By now it attracts 15% of people coming here and we aim at increasing this number up to 30%.

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