Cultural and Educational Center

Cultural and Educational Center of IKBFU includes multifunctional library centers and reading rooms equipped with computers with access to the electronic information and educational environment.

On the basis of the multifunctional centers of the university library, students and employees have access to the information and educational server, databases, funds of electronic publications, reference and search systems of the «Consultant Plus» and other systems.

The library fund has more than 300 thousand copies of books, most of which are scientific literature, and readers also have access to educational, methodological and fiction literature.


Number of seats

16 339

Number of registered users


Library staff


divisions. Library structure

Multifunctional centers

The MFC is the main link in the university library system. There is an opportunity to work with book collections, periodicals, e-books, full-text, abstract and scientometric databases, audio and video content repositories. Workplaces for readers are equipped with computers and laptops with the Internet access. You can make a copy, scan or print materials.

Specialized departments

Specialized departments provide collection of funds, distribution of information resources, bibliographic description and cataloging, reference and information service for readers and departments of the university.


Readers can borrow books for up to one month.


Maria Mamaeva
cultural and educational center director
Elena Filippova
head of the library
Rimma Zhukovskaya
deputy head of the library

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