Health Insurance

International enrollees and current students, including those from CIS countries and stateless persons, are required to have a voluntary health insurance policy (VHI/«ДМС» in Russian) valid in the Russian Federation for the entire duration of their studies. The health insurance policy must include the following:

  1. Outpatient care, including specialised care

  2. Dental care

  3. Inpatient care, including emergency hospitalisation

  4. Repatriation

In the absence of abovementioned medical services, the insurance plan will not meet the requirements of the University. A VHI policy must be purchased within 15 days after the issue of the admission order, provided the student is located in the Russian Federation. Upon expiration of the previous health insurance, the student must arrange for a new insurance plan within three working days.

The health insurance policy is mandatory for the entire period of study. If you are enrolled in Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD programmes, you must regularly and promptly renew your VHI every year.

In the event of violation of the regulations, the University assumes the right to apply disciplinary measures prescribed by the local normative acts of the University.

List of insurance companies recommended by the University

If you have any questions, please contact

university clinic

The university clinic opened in 2024. Most students have the opportunity to receive medical care there.

Only students who have a compulsory health insurance policy (CHI or «ОМС» in Russian) may apply. This policy is NOT the same as the voluntary health insurance policy (VHI or «ДМС» in Russian) you received from university. Only students who have a temporary residence permit (“RVP”), temporary residence permit for education (“RVPO”) or a residence permit (“VNZ”) can get a CHI policy.

If you have “RVP”, “RVPO” or “VNZ”, but do not have a compulsory health insurance policy, you can contact an insurance company, e.g. “Sogaz-Med”, “Capital MS”, with your passport, registration, RVP/RVPO/VNZ and your SNILS (if you have one).

How apply for the University Clinic if you have a CHI policy?


Prepare your documents

  • passport

  • CHI policy

  • SNILS (if you have one)


Come with the documents to the registration desk of the University Clinic and write the application (from Monday to Friday)

Address: 9 April Street, 60, location

If you do not have a CHI policy, you can still receive medical care under the VHI. To do this, first contact the insurance company at the telephone number on the policy and you will be referred to the right clinic

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