Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project

Olympiad for International Applicants for Master's or Postgraduage degree programmes “Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project” organized by the Association of Global Universities in collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation

Fedorov.png Prof. Dr. Aleksander Fedorov:
Rector of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University
It is a great pleasure for me to greet all the participants of the Olympiad organized by the Association of Global Universities. Russian education is open for the whole world: the number of international students coming to master degree programmes at Russian universities is steadily growing every year. As for IKBFU, currently, there are students from 43 countries enrolled at the university. The university has state-of-the-art scientific, educational, and sports facilities that helps to ensure an efficient and interesting educational process. We are happy to welcome the participants and winners of the Olympiad!

Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project is your chance for free early admission to a Master's or Postgraduate programme at one of the leading universities in Russia

  • Any non-Russian citizen including stateless persons and compatriots living abroad can participate in the Olympiad
  • Winners of the Olympiad are granted a tuition-free (funded by the Federal Government) enrollment in Master's and Posgraduate degree programmes implemented at the Russian universities without taking any entrance exams
  • The winners will be able to enroll in a program using a single-window system, choosing any of the Russian universities. The language of study depends on the choice of programme and the university
  • For perspective Master's students the Olympiad will be held online in 2 rounds: portfolio competition and final (problem-solving challenge) round
  • Winners and runner-ups of the Olympiad are those who have scored the most points. The share of winners and prize-winners for each subject area is no more than 25% of the number of the final round rank holders in each subject area
  • There is another round added for those applying for Postgraduate programmes — an interview with a prospective scientific supervisor

15th of September 2023

start of registration




Hurry up to register and fill out all the information you need to participate in the Open Doors



Portfolio filling

Prepare your portfolio. All research papers, certificates, awards and honors that you have ever received are of value. Please include all achievements in the selected Subject in your portfolio to increase your chances of success. The portfolio structure for all Subjects and tracks is unified


Deadline for portfolio submission

You will not be able to edit your portfolio after the deadline. While waiting for the result of your portfolio review, you can use a system of automatic assessment to estimate your approximate score. The system will be available in your personal account



The first stage. Grading of the portfolios


Announcement of the first stage results



The second stage

Winners of the portfolio competition are welcome to participate in the second round in the selected Subject



Grading of the second stage of the competition


Announcement of the second stage results



Appeal process


Announcement of the Open Doors winners and runner-ups of the Master's track



The third stage (for participants of the Postgraduate track)


Announcement of the Open Doors winners and runner-ups of the Postgraduate track

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